An evening with Father Jerald

Sensor cleaning is a term used in photography. The sensor of the camera is automatically cleaned of the dust accumulated, periodically. In real life a clear conscience is a must for me for creative pursuits which include even a reasonably good blog post. Being a christian, a good confession,I mean a good confession is the surest way to clean the sensors to allow the free fall of divine light upon me, allowing to charge me to be creative. So as usual I headed towards the chapel where Fr.Jerald used to listen to confessions of sins every evening. A new priest turned up instead of fr.jerald. I had a good confession, and with a very clear conscience i enquired about fr.jerald. I was told that he was at the nearby  old age home, as others are unable to manage him due to his failing health. Perform  and profess …the message from the last sunday mass reverberated within me. So i skipped the evening mass and headed to meet father. Why is he so dear to me?. I always enjoyed the practical tips he gave me to improve my spiritual life. Of these the most inspiring and consoling one is the story of the plastic flowers and real flowers. Our vulnerabilities are more like plastic flowers. From a distance they are beautiful and desirable, and when we go near there is no fragrance. It is very difficult to destroy a plastic flower completely. Contrary to this, a real flower has fragrance and it do not last long. The good thoughts and deeds inspired by god are like real flowers. So one has to really struggle hard to eliminate the plastic flowers from our lives. It is not easy alone. With god’s divine grace it is possible ans it is a long journey. Do not give up. Fill your rcalendar with positives, the real flowers, so that there will not be any room for the plastic flowers. These words of wisdom from this ordinary priest did a world of good for me. I will remember him for this, till i breathe my last.

At the old age home i did not have to struggle hard to locate him. Other not so oldies pointed me to his room. His right hand is paralysed from a recent stroke and at the same time his spirit was intact. He posed for a few photographs for me. They are here. We parted ways, promising to meet again soon. God bless you father.




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