Abrachan Pudussery (Aby)

I am well known as a Project management domain expert, speaker, writer, consultant and coach. But this blog is about other things I like to think about and do in life…..

Liberating self from expertise….(de-construction)

When we were kids, we were ‘nobody’ and the circumstances made us ‘somebody’. Very often, most of us stagnate at the ‘somebody’ title awarded by ‘somebody’. This blog is about my quest to re-invent the ‘nobody’ in me who can be anybody unlimited….

I am passionate about professional project management and I do it for a living. At the same time I like photography, cycling, travel, meditation, family, dogs…..I keep creating new dots to connect them to the existing dots…..

This blog is about the sixty year old kid seeing this world again without wearing any hats…..

A blog by the unlimited Aby.

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