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Unboxing PMBOK / PMP Post#7 Organizational structures

  1. Organic or simple – Ad-hoc in nature, Common in small organizations / teams. Project manager’s authority is little or none.
  2. Functional – Organized as different disciplines like engineering, construction, quality assurance, procurement etc. Project manager’s authority is little or none. Functional managers have lot of authority.
  3. Multi-divisional – Can have multiple divisions and under each division functional organizations exist. For example Toyota Japan, Toyota India etc.
  4. Matrix organization – Cross functional teams where team members report to more than one boss. For example, in most of the product companies the architects report to the project manager for project related matters and they also report to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for technology related matters. In general, team members have more than one boss to report to. Based on the different levels of power, matrix organizations can be sub-divided to;
    1. Strong matrix – Project manager have more power than the functional manager.
    2. Balanced matrix – Both the project manager and the functional manager share equal amount of power.
    3. Weak matrix – The functional manager has more power than the project manager.
  5. Project oriented – Organization is arranged project wise. Project managers have maximum authority.
  6. Virtual organization – Distributed teams. Team members operate from different locations. Project managers have low to moderate degree of power.
  7. Hybrid – Mix of other types. One division may have functional structure where as another may have project oriented structure.
  8. PMO – Portfolio / Program / Project management office. Mix of other types. Project managers have high to almost total power. PMOs can be further classified into;
    1. Supportive PMO – Focus is on Tools, Templates, Process definition, training for project management.
    2. Controlling PMO – Audits
    3. Directive PMO – Directly manage the projects

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