Questions to dear Neha…


Dear Neha,

As of today, you are the youngest in our family tree. We have great joy to welcome you to planet earth, and at the same time, I am asking these questions to myself…may be to you as well, since I do not have answers to many of them. I am sure that my ancestors also would have asked some of them..fifty years back 🙂

  • Did you like earth?.  Which one was better….this mother earth, with all it’s diversity or the comfort of your mother’s womb, which insulated you from all these?.
  • 20 years from now, will there be marriages?
  • Will there be snow on the Himalayas?
  • Will there be glaciers in Antartica?
  • Will there be terrorism using atomic weapons?
  • How will be wars like?. Will it be cyber wars only?
  • Will there be religion and faith?
  • Will there be enough drinking water for mankind?
  • Will there be enough pure air for everyone to breath…..or will we be buying fresh air, like the ‘bottled water’ of today?
  • What will be the main fuel of automobiles?
  • Will there be different currencies or just one currency?
  • What will be the job titles?
  • Will there be demand for project management even then?
  • What will happen to the IT profession?
  • What will be the most lucrative profession then?. Will it be anything related to environment?
  • Will there be the concept of family?
  • Will the gap between the rich and the poor increase or decrease?
  • What will be the average lifespan of human beings?
  • Will there be aids?. What will be the main killer disease?
  • How will classrooms look like?.
  • Will there be real class rooms or will it be only virtual class rooms?

These are some questions without any sure answer for me. One thing I am very sure…any body with an ability to deal with some of the potential issues (is it just my thinking like any other elderly) will be in demand…and project management leading to the solution of some of these will be most critical.

Let the Lord almighty give you all the grace to live gracefully on planet earth.

With all the Love and Best Wishes

Aby Grandpa 🙂

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