Today’s mind map #organisational structures


Understanding the organizational structures is the starting point for effectuve stakeholder identification ans management. Without understanding who is who, wihin an organization, what will be the effectiveness of project management and the project manager. Before getting into project planning, understand the ‘who is who’ of the organization (customers, suppliers and your own organization). That is a great starting point.


Shewhart did PDCA and Deming did PDSA and in reality what I saw today was PDCSA!

Shewhart coined the term PDCA; plan, do, check and act which was modified by Deming to PDSA; plan, do, study and act.


Is PDCSA more appropriate in the present day world?. We plan things, do things as per the plan, check to see the status, and then study. That is exactly what happened in todays retrospective meeting I attended. We studied the burn down chart for potential learning opportunities.