Implementing SCRUM in small teams – the need

Antony and Me are working on ClassTube for the last 3 months. It is just a two member team working together, based on continuous brainstorming. He is good in designs, coding where as my contribution is by way of  finalizing and prioritizing the features, removing the bottlenecks (getting uninterrupted power, upgrading the system, getting the right softwares, ensuring availability of drinking water etc etc 🙂 ) and testing the system. It is a great informal way of working and we are happy about the deliverables and team satisfaction. We really enjoy the work !

Now the product has taken it’s basic shape and the nature of work is more of a continuous improvement nature plus some solid features.  When my team member is engrossed in real technical work, I have started interrupting him  every now and then. Nobody is complaining about it right now, and at the same time I am sure that somebody will soon, if this continues. This can really eat into the job satisfaction levels, which in turn can bring in all sorts of issues.

Now we have decided to adopt SCRUM, to formalize the informality. The white board and the post its are ready !

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