The fun quotient @ work !

Working from home – from  that small office is great fun !. You can enjoy the most when you really add all those small stuff in installments. Like going for that desktop and the lap top.. then waiting for another month to get the printer, fax, copier. Then really debating with the small team on whether we should go for a generator or a UPS or a better office or a better airconditioner – all these without an office assistant !  Believe me, it is great fun.

This is even greater fun when I come across factions fighting over the temperature setting of the air conditioner and people complaining about the pizza (free luch paid by the company) and people complaining about lack of time to use those swimming pools and gyms within their offices – and no time to sit idle for a while – and even after getting all these facilities stll unhappy about everything and complain and still live with total under utilization of their potential with those golden handcuffs ON!.   Till how long friend?.

The answer is really really going after that dream project 🙂

Have a great day!

Aby from his car shed getting converted to an office. Most of the great companies started in car sheds !.  HP, Microsoft, Infosys, Novell, Google all had very humble beginnings. I think scarecity of resources, improve the team bonding and the commitment levels.  


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