Enjoying work life !

 Today while having breakfast at a restaurant here at Abu Dhabi, two guys sitting at the next table was engrossed in a discussion about their work and the kind of disparities going on there. I was just wondering why these people are still continuing with the work, if they are not enjoying it. The biggest blunder one can do is to just hang on to a job which rhey are not enjoying any more. In the process, their entire life can get colour less and uninteresting. The best thing that can happen to someone is to enjoy what he/she is doing. So if yoiu are not enjoying something, just let it go, something better is awaiting you always !

I remember the day when I congratulated my cousin on the day he lost his job. His family was astonished to see this, as they were all worried about their future. Becuase of the loss of job, he started his business which is flurishing now, and at the same time he got a better offer from another company. Now he owns his own business as well as a better job !

blogging from Abu Dhabi

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