Wherever you Go and whatever you Do….

I am at this internet cafe, after my morning walk, and this song is played here ‘Wherever you go and whatever you do, I will be always with you……’. A very nice one. Just before this I read the Bible, and the message came to me was ‘ If Iam with you, who can be against you’. Through this song, is GOD reassuring me of his protection!.

Even when spirituality is a private affair, if I dont acknowledge it as an integral part of me, I will not be honest to myself. Very often my best partner in business is my God. When my order book is empty, I kneel down and pray – and here comes loads of orders, filling up my schedules. When I dont have money, I just make a donation, and it comes back in double and triple. I am not talking of passive spirituality. I am talking of active spirituality that works day to day !. It helps one to be happy, lighthearted, optimistic, energetic and peaceful !.