Fortune at the top of the pyramid

In a country where the planning commission of India suggests that Rs.35 (slightly above half a dollar)  is sufficient for a human being in the lower strata of the society to survive, In a country, where the government is hesitant to fight corruption whole hearted, there is not much scope for the poor. The renowned management consultant Late Mr. C.K Prahlad, in his book ‘Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid’ talks about the possibilities to become a billionaire by serving the poor in a profitable way, thus creating win-win situations. Unfortunately the government, supporting the interests of the large corporate houses  ignore the well being of the poorest of the poor. Sitting in ivory towers, they go to the extent of assuming things like Rs.35 is sufficient for a poor man to survive in a country where even one liter of petrol costs Rs.70. Is this not a ploy to make the rich, richer by tweaking the policies based on these wrong assumptions. If not the Government, who else will take care of the poor people of my country, where the divide between the rich and poor is widening day by day. To experience this, all one must do is to watch the public at Bangalore. The life style of  those who are in the I.T segment is much much better than the rest of the janatha, even if their salaries are peanuts when compared to global standards. In the city of Bangalore, I mean within the city limits of Bangalore, where I taught Agile project management using Scrum to a section of the society, this is what I could see on the other side, a child getting abused publicly. The sight of women begging with small babies in the scorching heat is not alien to Bangaloreans. I am a proud Indian. I am proud about the huge strides of progress we made. I am aware of the fact that this country can boast about the largest railway, 75 world class airports, beautiful techno parks, it’s culture, monuments etc….and of course a high rate of financial success, which puts several Indians on top of the world’s richest list. I love it. Still I see poverty around me. That upsets me. This child is also a citizen of India. Instead of going to school, and getting ready for a better tomorrow, why is she doing this. Is it not her fundamental right to have basic education. When that is deprived at the grass root level, I lose meaning of the word development. Development of whom?.

With this I am winding up today !

This article gives a different perspective about the Mumbai terrorist attacks, and it is a very daring article by this journalist. Thanks to my friend Gigy for sending it to me !. Please read…

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Tilting the Indian table

At last, Indian media is getting better and more credible day by day, by fearless reporting. This can be attributed to the professionalism in the media with the arrival of CNN-IBN, NDTV which are beyond the reach of politicians. It was very evident…and still evident …post Mumbai terror attacks. The result, One central minister and a chief minister lost their positions. Rahul Gandhi was criticised for attending a party during the eve of the terrorist attacks, The chief minister of Kerala saying Sorry, The army and the para military forces becoming heros overnight , the upraisal partriotism in the Indian mind and the anger against the corrupt politicians, police…. ….lot of such incidents suceeded the recent Mumbai terror attacks. Thanks to the media for their fearless non stop coverage of the events, un biased.

In one of my earler posts, I had post saying “Indians are at their best when challenged”. India would not have got independence from the British, if Gandhiji was not challenged by a white skin by  throwing him out of the railway compartment  because he was not  white skinned, despite having a valid ticket. Similarly, India would not have won the cricket series in Australia, if Australians did not abuse Indians (sledging). Going by these events, this Mumbai terror attacks is a blow to the pride of every Indian, and I am very optimistic about the repurcussions of this.

The Indian psyche based of ahimtsa can forget and forgive very easily. That is the only risk. Media can play a major role for not allowing this hurt to the Indian pride to subside and if it channelise the unrest of the common man in the appropriate direction, we will have a zero corrupt India …soon. Media and People have a great role to play here – to make the rest accountable.