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The three types of pmp training participants

My pmp training program’s are always attended by three types of people. The first category, the majority always focus on the current slide being discussed. There are some whose focus is always on the previous slide…and they always think about the slides which are already discussed at the cost of the current slide being discussed. They are the ‘can you explain it once again’ types. The last category are those whose focus is always on those upcoming slides…and they always worry about whether the trainer will be able to complete the scope on time. Of these, without any hesitation I adore those who focus on the current slide / topic being discussed, because the other two categories can wake up any moment from their hallucinations and ask the trainer to explain everything once again, without asking any specific questions.

Project Management Research Institute conducted PMdistilled PMP preparatory program at Kochi on March 3,4

Project Management Research Institute


PMEssentials – Free, online, instructor led project management foundation program, leading to 10 contact hours

This program is a quick gateway to professional project management. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to;

  • Initiate a project formally
  • Develop a work breakdown structure
  • Estimate the work packages
  • Decompose the work packages into activities
  • Estimate the activities
  • Develop the schedule
  • Manage the project according to the schedule
  • Close a phase/project

The knowledge is transferred through;

  •  Online viedeo
  • Reference material (PM Essentials guide)
  • Online tests
  • Webinars

Participation is free. Upon successful completion, you will receive a course completion certificate issued by the Project Management Research Institute.

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