Be grateful to those who packs our parachutes!

Charles Plumb was a navy pilot. On his seventy sixth combat mission, he was shot down and parachuted into the enemy territory. He was captured and spent six years in prison. He survived and held lectures on the lessons he learned from his experiences. One day a man approached Mr.Plumb and his wife in a restaurant, and said “Áre you Mr.Plumb, the navy pilot?”. “yes, How did you know?” asked Plumb. “I packed your parachute”, the man replied.

Mr.Plumb was amazed, and grateful. “If the chute you packed had not worked, I would not have been here today…..”. Mr.Plumb refers to this in his lectures: his realization that the anonymous sailors who packed the parachutes held the pilot’s lives in their hands, and yet the pilots never gave these sailors a second thought; never even said “Hello”, let alone said ‘Thanks”.