Latest addition to my library – Yoga, the science of living by Osho

Yoga, according to Osho, is not only a system of belief but is also a scientific methodology that heightens awareness and makes it possible to live in a constant state of happiness, harmony and fulfillment. Insightful and profound, Yoga: the science of living is an invaluable guide for those looking for inner balance and peace.


Ask a question close to home
The mind is very clever
The inside of the inside
Be a seed
Piling up the zeros of being
You cant get there from here
In a cold universe
The rock bottom of No and Yes
Into the Fantastic
Take the risk

Published by penguin books. Price in India is Rs.299.

The naked life

The naked life by duncan banks is an amazing piece of work. Through this book he gives practical tips to living a fuller life filled with love, peace and joy, which any ordinary person can understand and adopt.

One day after completing my project management lectures, an energy zapped me was driven to walk the four kilometer distance from the guest house to the church store to find this small old book as if it is pleading me to adopt it. This one is definitely different. I liked Duncan’s style of communicating in a subtle and effective way. His other book is breakfast with god, which is the next in my agenda.

God bless you.