Please give me some Next Gen

When I see youngsters, and rub shoulders with them, then I realize the fact that I am not that young anymore, physically. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water in their company. When youngsters are very happy with mediocre achievements in life, and resist to get out of their comfort zones, I get annoyed and at the same time I feel younger mentally. I am still ambitious. I like adventure. I am very comfortable to work hard to achieve some materialistic goals. I do have a child like heart, with the grace of God, which I cherish.  Is it good for a youngster to get contented at the professional and materialistic level, when they are still at their early twenties?. Is it something commendable, or is it just escapism. This can be the price we are paying for the general improvement in the living standards. Some years back, a watch was meant to be used for at least five years, if not ten. Now a watch will be changed any moment. Actually using a watch, which is a single function device has become out of fashion, and it is replaced by mobile phones. People change mobile phones at will. even when they are not working. Parents can afford to get them the mobile of their choice. So why should one work very hard, when the goodies of life happens without hard work.

Actually youth is the time when someone can be at their innovative best. Most of the successful business people of today, got addicted to their dream projects very early in their lives. Steve jobs, Zuckerberg, Larry page, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet are all examples for this. One successfully implemented idea, which can help the world in some profitable way can make the founder a millionaire.  Money has never made anyone unhappy, where as the lack of it have made many unhappy. Take a plunge nextgen, now, before you become the previous generation. You have very less time to do your stuff, because the next generation is already chasing you, and great innovations like the internet do not happen daily. Be on your toe.