“Agile project management using SCRUM” – Online Workshop

The three ways of doing projects

  • Predictive
  • Adaptive / Agile
  • Hybrid
  • When to apply which one?

Process driven Vs Principle driven 

  • Agile manifesto
  • Agile principles 

The Agile methodologies – An overview

  • Quick overview of Agile
  • Understanding the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Agile principles 
  • Process driven Vs Principle driven The business case for going for Agile

Overview of SCRUM

  • Origins of scrum
  • Lean thinking
  • The scrum overview
  • Product owner roles and responsibilities
  • Scrum master roles and responsibilities
  • Scrum team roles and responsibilities
  • Teach product backlog
  • Teach User stories
  • Teach estimation using story points and poker
  • Teach sprint planning meeting
  • Teach Sprint backlog
  • Teach sprinting
  • Teach daily scrum
  • Teach sprint review
  • Teach sprint retrospectives
  • Sample project execution (exercise) , following scrum
  • Scaling up scrum
  • Distributed scrum
  • Challenges while implementing
  • Scrum smells – Signs of flawed implementations
  • Implementation support (optional)

Duration of the program 1 to 2 days, depending on the number of participants.

Who should participate;

  • Anyone who wants to understand the right scrum framework

2 Replies to ““Agile project management using SCRUM” – Online Workshop”

  1. Hi

    Will this program suffice to get certified as a scrum master?. Would be grateful if you could provide some details on the process for certification.



  2. This program will not suffice to get certified as a certified scrum master. This program is focused on implementing scrum in project teams. Inorder to get certified as a certified scrum master, you need to attend the scrum master’s training program. The details of the scrum masters training program are available at http://www.controlchaoes.com


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