PMP mentoring

Eight werks intense online mentoring for pmp certification.

Intended for the busy executive who is committed to gain the PMP credential.

Weely meeting with instructor for doubt clarification, review of progress and goal setting, skype, gotomeeting

The PMP journey is managed as a project with definite start and end dates.


Progress is tracked using earned value management with weekly targets to be achieved. Actual progress is tracked using earned value, improving the probability of success.

It really works.

Mentoring roadmap (tailoring possible)

Online meeting 5
The basic definitions 8
Project initiation 5
Develop project charter 3
Identify stakeholders 5

Project planning 3
Develop project management plan 2
Plan scope management 3
Collect requirements 3
Define scope 2
Create work breakdown structure 5

Planned value for week 1 = 44

Online meeting 5
Plan schedule management 2
Define activities 3
Sequence activities 5
Estimate activity resources 5
Estimate activity durations 5
Develop schedule 13

Planned value for week 2 = 38


Online meeting 5
Plan cost management 2
Estimate costs 2
Determine budget 2
Plan quality management 3
Plan human resource management 3
Plan communications management 3
Plan risk management 3
Identify risks 3
Perform qualitative risk analysis 5
Perform quantitative risk analysis 5
Plan risk reponses 3
Plan procurement management 5
Plan stakeholder management 3

Planned value for week3 = 47

Online meeting 5
Direct and manage project work 1
Perform quality assurance 1
Acquire project team 2
Develop project team 2
Manage project team 2
Manage communications 3
Conduct procurements 5
Manage stakeholder engagement 3

Monitoring and controlling
Online meeting 5
Monitor and control project work 1
Perform integrated change control 3
Validate scope 1
Control scope 1
Control schedule 5
Control costs 5
Control quality 1
Control communications 1
Control risks 1
Control procurements 2
Control stakeholder engagement 3

Close project or phase 2
Close procurements 2

35 contact hours certificate
Apply for exam

Planned value for week4 = 57

Week 5,6,7,8
Professional ethics and social responsibility of a project manager 5

Exam practice 200 questions till achieving a consistent score of 80% or more 21

Online meetings with instructor 5

Planned vslue for weeks 5,6,7,8

Budget at completion = 31


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