Whenever my students achieve something, my mother’s words ‘they must be intelligent’ rhymes in my ears. Really they are :-)


Congratulations Amal. Wish you great success in all your future endeavours. Now you have the professional and social reponsibility to put all these into practice.  That will be a bigger win. Good luck.

The story of story points simplified

Story is the description of the feature to be done and the weightage given to it based on the work involved to implement it is known as story point. Higher the number, higher the work involved. Inorder to simplify this process we use the fibanacci series of 0, 1, 2,3,5, 8, 13. Since there is a gap between the numbers, it becomes easier to do the classification than using a continuous series like 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 8….
In the diagram below let us assume that each shape is a feature and we have given them a number based on the fibanacci series, the smallest of the lot getting a 1. That means each feature under consideration gets a weightage based on the amount of work involved to accomplish it.


Let us assume that the diagram above contains features a to k. ‘A’ is the smallest, so I gave it a 1. ‘B’ is the next bigger one. Is it double the size of ‘a’, no, so I gave it 1. ‘C’ and ‘D’ are bigger than a and b and are almost double the size of  a and b, so I gave them a weightage of 2. E and f are bigger than c and d so I gave them 3…likewise based on analogy I gave weightages for all features under consideration. Here we are not looking for too much accuracy. We are looking for patterns. It is as simple as grouping the features based on the work involved to accomplish them. For ease, we use fibanacci series for the grouping.

Will write more about the benefits of this in the furure. Hope this post brings in some more clarity about story points which is most misunderstood in agile circles becuase they are very simple.

Dos and donts of daily scrum (stand up meeting)


Start it on time and finish it on time.
Each person gets 2 minutes to update the status of his work to the rest of the team (what did I do yesterday, what am I doing today anx what are the issues I am facing.
Do not convert it into an issue resolution meeting
Very often the team members will talk to the senior most person in the group. In that case deliberately cut the eye contact with that person so that she will be forced to have eye contact with the rest of the team.
For issue resolution have separate meetings.
In case you are clubbing the scrum with the issue resolution meeting, formally divide the meeting into two and at the same time ensure that the scrum follows its rules.
Please remember that going for a meeting late or skipping an agreed upon meeting are not positive indicators of mutual respect.
If somebody violates the meeting norms anyone in the team can highlight it so that the correction happens then and there itself.
Every one must stand up during the stand up meeting.
Switch off mobiles
When a persontalks listen
Meeting must not take more than twenty minutes.
Stand up in a circle.
Donot stand with the boss on one side and others on the other side.  This creates a divide. Always stand in a circle.
Who will start the meeting?. The person standing on the right side or left side of the scrum master
Whenever someone requests help pls note it down.
Always have the scrum meeting near the tracking board.
Conclude the meeting by putting your hands together for the progress made. Celebrate even small achievements.

Trust this helps.