The SPRINT review meeting

The sprint review meeting is time boxed to 4 hours

  • The team should not spend more than 1 hour preparing for the sprint review
  • The purpose of the sprint review is for the team to present to the product owner and the stakeholders functionality that is done. Although the meaning of ‘done’ can vary from organization to organization, it usually means that the functionality is completely engineered and could be potentially shipped or implemented. If ‘done’ has another meaning, make sure that the product owner and the stakeholders understand it.
  • Functionality that is not ‘done’ cannot be presented
  • Artifacts that are not functionality cannot be presented except when used in support of understanding the demonstrated functionality. Artifacts cannot be shown as work products, and their use must me minimized to avoid confusing stakeholders or requiring them to understand how systems development works.
  • Functionality should be presented on the team member workstations and executed from the server closest to production – usually a quality (QA) environment server.
  • The sprint review starts with a team member presenting the sprint goal, the product backlog committed to, and the product backlog completed. Different team members can then discuss what went well and what did not go well in the sprint.
  • The majority of the sprint review is spent with team members presenting functionality, answering stakeholder questions ragrding the presentation and noting changes that are desired.
  • At the end of the presentations, the stakeholders are polled, one by one to get their impressions, any desired changes and the priority of these changes.
  • The product owner discusses with the stakeholders and the team potential re-arrangement of the product backlog based on the feednack.
  • Stakeholders are free to voice any comments, observations or criticisms regarding the increment of potentially shippable product functionality between presentations.
  • Stakeholders can identify new functionality that occurs to them as they view the presentation and request that the functionality be added to the product backlog for prioritization.
  • The scrum master should attempt to determine the number of people who expect to attend the sprint review meeting and set up the meeting to accommodate them.
  • At the end of the sprint review, the scrum master announces the place and date of the next sprint review to the product owner and all stakeholders.

from ‘agile project management with scrum’ by Ken Schwaber

4 Replies to “The SPRINT review meeting”

  1. on June 4th, 2008
    I have NEVER experienced HORRIBLE customer service in my life both in your stores and on the phone. I went to a sprint store to unlock an old phone of mine. When I got to the store in FOLSOM, CA (on blue ravine rd) it was 2:30 pm and the door was locked!!! There were people on the inside just chatting away either onthe phone or with each other. When I knocked on the Door, they just waved me off. Just like to go away. I kept knocking and still they ignored me. This cheesed me off greatly since I walked to miled to get there!!! I decided to call customer Service and complain. That did me a lot of good. I called several times from my call and home phone trying to explain what happened that that I wantedto make a complaint. The first operator I talked to acted like oh well they would transefer me to the dept that handled that, but was PURPOSELY HUNG UP ON!!
    I called back and got and Indian woman with such a heavy accent (probably an outsource on- thanks for taking away American Jobs) I could not understand her at all. She too transfered me to DIRECTORY. I called a third time from my house and the gentleman told me there is interal issues about this and he would help me, he said he would put me on hold to search for the right place to transfer me and HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN. Is this what you have your CSR people do when they get a complaint? Just to keep the complaints down? Your customer service has gone to hell!!! BTW when I started with You back In 2001 I had a plan for 39.99 that had 1000 minutes on there!!! when I upgraded my phone I was FORCED against my will, to change plans!!! Now I get less than half that for the same price and HORIBBLE customer SERVICE. If Something is not done or rectified , It would only be my pleasure to blog about this on every site I can think of (one site I boast have over 2 million readers). AND YES I WISH TO MAKE THIS A F O R M A L COMPLAINT. I am sooo tired of this and so are your other customers, no longer will I tell people how great you were, now just how badly you have gone down HILL. Maybe I should hit the next stockholders meeting and let them know since I do own your stocks (now dumping most of them because of this!!!) I am tired of jumping thru your proverbial hoops in hopes that your uncaring and incompetent staff may handle these issues.
    I may even try asking all my reader not to pay thier bill for a month or two just so you may THE POINT!!!


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