SCRUM roles

There are only three roles in SCRUM, the product owner, the team and the scrum master

Product owner roles

  • Representing the interest of all stakeholders of the project and it’s resulting system
  • Achieves initial and ongoing funding for the project
  • Creating the project’s initial overall requirements (product backlog)
  • Prioritizing the product backlog to que up the most valuable requirements for the next iteration
  • Working out the ROI and release plans

The team

  • Developing the fuctionality
  • Are self managing, self organizing and cross functional
  • Responsible for figuring out how to turn product backlog into an increment of functionality within an iteration and managing their own work to do so
  • Team members are collectively responsible for the success of each iteration and of the project as a whole

Scrum Master

  • Is responsible for the scrum process
  • For teaching scrum to everyone involved in the project
  • For implementing scrum so that it fits within an organization’s culture and still delivers the expected benefits
  • For ensuring that every one follows scrum rules and practices

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