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Free scrum knowledge assessment at, developed under the guidance of Ken Schwaber

Dafydd Rees • I think “quiz” is what I’m shooting for rather than test… Something simple and low-hassle. It’s supposed to be a learning tool rather than some kind of exam. I don’t want to be the one sitting in judgement on people – I’m too busy trying to improve myself!

I should point out that my test was never supposed to be read as a “true test of Scrum knowledge”. It’s just a quick way to cover 10 important things that come under Manifesto for Agile Software Development ( – Scrum is important but it’s only part of it! )

Good luck with the comprehensive Scum test above, by the way!

My quick, 10 point test is here:

Understanding PRINCE2

Sample project charter

Software project management implementation workshop – 2 days

Profile of Abrachan Pudusserry

Implementing Scrum – Workshop Structure

PMBOK ready reckoner Ver 1.0

3 Replies to “PM-resources”

  1. Hi,
    I am a post dip project management student in canada. can u provide some case studies or on how scrum is implemented realtime and its advantages and disadvantages over conventional tools. can we implement this in construction field?


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