Unleashing Creativity with Chrome book

Last week, I got my first Chromebook. HP’s most inexpensive Chrome book. It happened to be the first blue colored computer used by me. The Chrome experience is totally new and refreshing. It definitely helped me to improve my productivity by increasing the availability of the main computer which I use for regular work. These days, Chromebook is mainly used by my partner in fun Raphael, my three year old grandson, for watching youtube. The touchscreen based UI helps him to be self sufficient when it comes to choosing the videos of his liking. Kudos to the UI team. The battery lasts for more than 13 hours in a single charge, that makes it extremely portable. It unleashes the creativity of Raphael and mine…here are two digital paintings (connecting the dots), by us. 🙂

Have ordered a pen, with the hope of improving the paintings more. The first experience with painting is really good. It is a kind of meditation and the process is totally different from photography. Hope to do more in the coming days. Thank you HP and Google, for making this chrome book available at reasonable price with reasonable quality.

Hope you enjoyed our first digital painting experience…