Agile Certified ‘X’ – Zombies

XACX where the first ‘X’ is for the certification body, and the second ‘X’ is for the role. That is the best way I could represent the ever growing agile certifications and alliances. The agile certifications and the certification bodies are mushrooming, and there is no dearth for demand. They churn out the agile certified nobody’s who are victims to the greed of some, who want to encash the demand and then vanish. Now comes certified agile assessors and auditors.When will you start believing in yourself and start building something worthwhile and showcase it. There is nothing else to boost your confidence and value than real results which demands deep work. Do not fall prey to the certification syndicates. Atleast don’t belittle yourself by publishing the photo of your certificate on social media. Do not get suprised if agile maturity models and certifications surface soon. Learn and master the frameworks and go for your own flavour which works for you and optimise it continuously to increase agility. The real challenge is in building the agile culture. I am really shocked to see the lack of understanding of agile basics by some of the ‘certified’ masters from one of the leading agile certification alliance.