Shashtipoorthi..the 60th birthday

Shashtipoorthi is the 60th birthday in Sanskrit, and today is my turn to celebrate mine. What a reckless rollercoaster ride it has been….! Sometimes it was sheer madness, still protected by the divine forces….like the tolerant and loving father tolerating the immature child’s eccentricities… Overall it has been a wonderful journey so far and hopefully it will continue in a more refined form. On this day, the prominent feeling is gratitude. Gratitude to everyone I came across this life, and especially for those who stood by me during the ups and downs including job losses, health issues, financial issues and other occasions of emotional turbulence, the good times and the bad times.. I love you all, and above all my parents, my wife, daughter, family, good friends and the Almighty Lord, whose Words, when I meditate upon refines me and instills in me a child like heart…which is the biggest treasure I cherish. That helps me to look into the future with hope amidst the turbulence around. Thank you Lord, Thank you family, Thank you friends for this wonderful journey called life..Love you more.