Knowledge is transferred at KnowledgeWorks India, Bangalore






Evm using a white board

Schedule variance is zero on day1 of the pmp workshop at bangalore.


Managerandphotographer – networking

First pmp training with pmbok5. Using earned value management to manage the training program



Mapathon and the enterprise environmental factors and ‘professional ethics and social responsibility’

The mapathon project by Google may run into trouble as it is against the laws of India (enterprise environmental factors). As per PMBOK, a project is supposed to follow the laws of the country in which it is executed. Going by that, this project by google could be heading towards trouble, at least in India.


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When the high intrest low power stakeholders unite…

This is a great case to demonstrate how the high interest – low power stakeholders can become high interest – high power, when they unite together. In this case instagram is forced to roll back it’s decision to claim intellectual property rights to the photographs published at instagram. Somebody’s loss is other’s gain. Some new entrants are capitalizing this opportunity as well. Abort: Instagram Restores Key Section of Terms Back to 2010 Version

@bangalore. Missing the kochimuzirisbiennale 2012. Work life imbalance..:-)

Back to Bangalore for another round of pmp and scrum trainings. The weather is very cool and cloudy. There is nothing spectacular to shoot within the city except concrete jungles. That is when I miss my home state Kerala. From yesterday onwards the first kochi biennale 2012 is on. I wanted to go for it. Even registered. Unfortunately work related travel prevents me from going for this fantastic initiative. Kudos to the organisers who had the vision and fought all obstacles successfully. If lucky, I am hoping to visit this great event on coming Monday.

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