10 life lessons from my photography

1. There is beauty and ugliness in this world. Focus on the beauty.

2. Nothing is permanently beautiful nor ugly. It all depends on the day and the light in which we see it.

3. We will not be able to spot the beauty in ordinary things without a humble and pure heart.

4. Right tools and techniques helps to some extent, but the subject is more important. The best equipment is the one you have at hand at the moment.

5. Patience and timing, the ability to wait for the right moment is very important.

6. Learn and practice continuously. It is all about trying again and again. It is about viewer experience.

7. Composing photographs helps us to focus on the subject completely, which we would have ignored otherwise.

8. Capturing nature is like instant meditation. we end up adoring the creator for the splendid creations.

9. Street and portrait photography helps to mingle with strangers, make new friends and to engage them in conversations thus practice active listening.

10. Of all the creations, humans are the most beautiful. Any person with a glow in his eyes is irresistible.

Please comment the life lessons you learned from your photography. That will make it very interesting.