Agile Using Scrum – Online

Key Objectives

  1. Provide overall understanding of agile ecosystem
  2. Provide in-depth understanding of SCRUM framework

The course is structured into 3 sessions of 4 hours each. We will have a scheduled break of 15 minutes after every two hours. The learning is imparted through theory, experience sharing, exercises and Q&A. The learning from the course is reinforced through a mock project.

Who will benefit from this course?

  1. Delivery heads
  2. Project managers
  3. Project leaders
  4. Team leads
  5. Individual contributors
  6. Anyone who wants to understand Agile using Scrum

Pre-Course reading material

  1. Scrum Guide
  2. Agile Manifesto and Principles

Course Outline

Session#1 Background, manifesto, principles, roles and responsibilities, release planning

  1. Introduction
  2. Agile family of frameworks
  3. Origins of Agile
  4. Agile manifesto
  5. Agile principles
  6. Self organizing teams
  7. Quick introduction to the scrum network
  8. Scrum theory and values
  9. Exercise
  10. Q&A
  11. Understand the roles and responsibilities
    1. Product owner
    2. Scrum master
    3. Development team
  12. Release planning
    1. Product backlog
    2. Epics
    3. Use stories
    4. Estimation
    5. Release planning
    6. Release burn down chart
    7. Exercise
    8. Q&A

Session#2 Understand the ceremonies

  1. Sprint planning
    1. Preliminary work prior to sprint planning meeting
    2. Participants of sprint planning meeting
    3. Outputs of sprint planning meeting
    4. Sprint planning exercise
    5. Q&A
  2. Sprinting
    1. Work allocation Vs volunteering
    2. Work sequencing
    3. Estimate revision
    4. Updating the sprint board and the burn down charts
  3. Daily scrum meetings
  4. Sprint reviews
  5. Sprint retrospectives

Session#3 Additional concepts and mock project

  1. Velocity calculations
  2. Average velocity
  3. Scaling scrum to larger teams
  4. Symptoms of a a bad implementation
  5. Mock project
  6. Conclusion

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