There was a time when I used to update my schedules very regularly. I had two reasons for this. The first one, is to inform the potential customers, about my training programs. The second reason is to create an impression that I am a busy person. Another purpose it was serving was to give my competitors enough opportunities to announce their programs just before mine, or immediately after mine. In a highly competitive world like ours, I cannot be that generous.

Now, I have decided to focus more on research and consulting. Most of my programs are announced by my partners in the respective cities, except at Kochi, which is my home town. If you are interested in any of my training/consulting services, please email me at or

The trainings I offer are;

  • Open Enterprise Project Management Systems Architecture ( 8 hours, classroom, practitioner focused)
  • Project portfolio management  (8 hours, classroom)
  • Program management (8 hours, classroom)
  • Professional Project management as per PMBOK ( 3 days, classroom, practitioner focused, 35 contact hours)
  • PMdistilled PMP preparatory program (3 days, classroom, certification focused, 35 contact hours)
  • PMdistilled e-learning with 35 contact hours (35 hours, web based, 35 contact hours)
  • Earned value management (1 day, classroom)
  • Agile project management using SCRUM ( 2 days, practitioner focused)

Consulting work

  • Implementing agile project management using SCRUM
  • Implementing Open Enterprise Project Management Systems Architecture

Phone : 0091 8129118111


11 thoughts on “schedules”

  1. Dear Abrachan,

    Do you have any plans for next sessions in Dubai, I would be interested in Sep or Oct 2010 sessions. Thanks.

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Abby,

    I aspire to pursue the PM Career path. I have 11 years working experience in the IT space and currently manage an Enterprise Call Center team. How do I get started?

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