Consulting assignments really fascinates me, and I see lot of meaning in consulting than in just training, and at the same time the experience from the consulting assignments help me to deliver real value trainings. Since Asia is considered as the outsourcing hub of the world, most of my clients decisions to go for professional project management implementation is triggered by their customers (internal/external). During the consulting assignments, we work very closely with our customers in understanding their need, scoping the assignment, roll out and post implementation assessments and guidance.

The consulting assignments I offer are;

  • Enterprise project management systems architecture and roll out
  • Implementing Agile project management using SCRUM
  • Implementing I.T project management based on PMBOK
  • Implementing CMMi framework
  • Transitioning project teams to product teams
  • Post implementation assessments and action planning
  • Implementing EVM
  • Independent project reviews and reporting
  • Implementing PMO
  • Implementing Product life cycle management (PLM)
  • Vendor selection support for outsourcing

3 thoughts on “Consulting

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of starting a Book Stall and stationary business in my home town, Koyilandi (Calicut dt). Is there any person or organizations prepare project reports based on this. Please advice

    Note: i attended your PMP Course, but failed in exam, planning to reappear again!


  2. Did you appear again. If there is any way I can help you to pass the exam, please let me know. Thanks for sharing your failure story. When soaked in success stories, trainers may forget about failure stories. Thanks for the eye opener.


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