2021 retrospective…..

It was almost like taking a one and half years break from serious work and enjoying life with my best friend Raphael, my grandson. That was the best thing happened during the pandemic. The pandemic forced Raphael and his parents to come back to Kerala from Bangalore and work from here, which gave us amble time to be with him and become more like a kid again. Now it is time for them to go back to Bangalore. Though the Grandpa in me is little bit sad, the professional in me is really excited at the opportunity to dive deep into deep meaningful work again….

I have started making daily to-do lists again, and that is really helping me to regain the much required focus. My quest for 0 to 1s continue as I am really getting fed up with the 1 to Ns. That might give you a hint about the book I enjoy reading now, after a while. ZERO to ONE by Peter Thiel. More about this book after completing the reading. Another book I ordered just now is the Checklist Manifesto. The concept of checklist for everything to do things right goes well with my agile mindset…. more later….

Me, Jessy and Raphael at the Cherai beach. Thanks to the photographer, my darling daughter Roseanna. Photography is in our blood….Will miss you all for sure….then life is like that….

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