Father Stan Samy

You imitated Christ till your death, fighting for the tribal community of India, who were denied their basic rights by the large corporate houses supported by the Government. To get rid of you, they finally alleged you with links to the prohibited Maoist outfits by planting documents in your computer. All these happened when you were 82 years old and suffering from major heath issues. You never complained. You continued your fight for the poor till your last breath, as a true follower of Jesus Christ. I happened to listen to one of your recent interviews where you said, you do not have any complaints and you are very happy because you fought well and was not ‘complacent like the majority’ in raising the voice for the poor and downtrodden.

We have not met even once in this life, and we will not. Still, the thoughts about you do not subside in me, even after three days of your end of journey on earth. The words ‘complacency like the majority’ hits by conscience very deep. I am disturbed. What am I doing with my life which is worthwhile to be called as a significant life????.

Sitting at the right hand of God, please bless us, and pour your blessings upon us to make us capable of leading significant lives…..

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