Behind successful webinars…

Today, I am super excited after delivering the webinar ‘Plan with the end in mind with AWP‘. There are two reasons for my joy. The first reason is the fact that the audience are super happy. I could read it from the number and quality of questions asked during the Q&A slot. The second reason is the way we prepared for the webinar. Though I architected the program, by the time we finalized the content, the slide deck traversed through versions 1,2,3 through multiple iterations of brainstorming by a group of intelligent people with the ability to see the product from different perspectives.

Though at times I am unhappy when someone changes my original work, the quality and impact of collective wisdom justify those irritations. I think this is true with all creative workers. Even if we preach about leveraging the strengths of others, understanding, acknowledging and leveraging the strengths of others proactively for great results is a different ball game altogether.

Based on our successful delivery of four successful webinars, we have an unwritten but very well understood and repeatable process for preparing for webinars / training / business presentations. This is contradicting the fact that documentation is inevitable for repeatability 🙂

The first step is agreeing on a relevant topic for the webinar, which is relevant for the industry and audience. Do not waste too much time initially in deciding the actual title, because it is bound to change. We started with the title ‘Practical implementation of AWP’ which got changed to ‘Planning with the end in mind using AWP’, which is definitely more appealing than the first one.

Once the topic is decided, the team is gracious enough to give me uninterrupted research time, during which I develop the the draft slide deck. Now starts the joint reviews of the slide deck and the review comments incorporation. Always start with a minimum viable presentation, so that the effort and pain of rework is minimized.

Since I know how lazy I am, I insist on deciding on the webinar date, and the marketing team goes ahead with the brochure design and the enrollment process. The non negotiable deadlines of agile inspires me to do so. The result, we deliver on time, every time :-). My sincere thanks to the rest of the team for their trust on me.

Designing the webinar brochure is similar to ‘designing the packing case’ exercise in product development. Designing the brochure forces us to think through the potential attendees, value to be delivered, what will be appealing to them etc. Most importantly the deadline and the enrollments drives us to towards the non negotiable goal.

Why did I write this much?. During this pandemic time, the online media is flooded with free training, webinars, presentations, podcasts etc. Getting the attention of the relevant audience and make then enroll by itself is a big challenge. This is followed by the challenge of delivering value to the audience. An adhoc casual approach will not work. The following steps helped us to deliver a streak of successful webinars, and they will help you also.

  • Talking about collaboration is easier than actually doing collaborative work, especially with people like me, who are not very collaborative by default 🙂
  • Always start with the visualization of the marketing collateral. This will help to scope the product better.
  • First develop the draft (minimum viable product), knowing that it is going to be perfected through multiple iterations. This will reduce the frustrations while re-working.
  • Know your strengths. Know other’s strengths as well. Listen actively. Absorb the best and incorporate into the product. Complex products need multiple intelligent minds to work together in a collaborative way.
  • The joy of successful product delivery always outweighs the pain behind developing and delivering it.

We have just delivered this webinar titled ‘Plan with the end in mind with AWP’ using slide deck Version 3.0. The feedback is excellent and already we have started work the Version 4 of the slide deck 🙂

Wish you the joy of delivering successful products and services through true collaborative work of intelligent minds.

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