The two things that made my lock down days ecstatic

In this part of the world, we are getting into the fifth month ever since the pandemic was identified as a major threat. To be honest, it was an emotional roller coaster till I came across this sentence from Osho ‘Do not allow your mind to question the good things happening to you, allow it to question only the bad things‘.

Over the years, we are conditioned to believe that great joyful experiences are illusions, or too good to be real, and must be questioned and validated, else they are termed as unreal and unworthy of pursuing. In the process we cease to experience true joy, because the mind cannot comprehend it yet. They are beyond logic, or the logic is not evolved to that level to validate unbound joy and ecstasy.

I have not reached the ecstatic levels yet, and at the same time I can vouch that I am more peaceful and happier than ever, despite the turmoil that is happening around me. Everything started with my attempt to stop thinking in a detached way, after listening to one of Oho’s Youtube videos. Did I succeed?. Not fully and at the same time to a great extent or partially. Most of the time, we are either thinking about the past or of the future, and in the process we loose the present. If we allow this pattern to continue, we will never experience life, and many of us have failed to experience life to it’s fullest because most of the time we are either thinking about the past or of the future, at the cost of the present.

Can anyone stop thinking altogether?. Nobody can stop thinking, the state of non-thinking has to arrive and it will arrive , at the appropriate time. We can only facilitate the arrival of the state of ‘non thinking’ with some foreplay and be patient. One thing is sure, if not total stoppage of thinking, a reduction in thinking happens first.

Where did I start?. I started by just focusing on by breathing. Close your eyes, and just focus mildly on your inhales and exhales. That is the first step to start focusing on the present. Other thoughts will surely creep in. Over days, the distractions will reduce.

The second fun exercise I started is to start dancing. I am unable to remember the days I danced during this life. Now, I have started dancing in my room all alone with my favorite music in the background. Hopefully others will join me in the due course. Then I started mixing both dancing and observing my breath. I start with dancing and music, then witnessing my breath again dancing…and then again witnessing breathing in a detached manner…..and I slip into a very peaceful state…which I want to preserve throughout the day. It is beautiful.

I am still mastering the art of unbound Love, Peace, Joy and Ecstasy :-).

The two things that turned my days ecstatic are learning to witness my breath in a detached way, and dancing to my favorite soft music……

It is easy. Everybody can practice it. I share my unbound joy, peace and happiness to you ecstatically.

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