The Scrum master blog

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a light weight framework to get things done. That ‘get things done’ can be a personal project or a very complex product development. The scrum framework was defined by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland and consists of a set of ceremonies like;

  • Sprint planning meeting
  • Sprinting
  • Daily stand up meetings (daily scrums)
  • Sprint reviews
  • Sprint retrospectives

The scrum teams have only three roles;

  • Product owner
  • Scrum master
  • Development team

The team performs these ceremonies. The Scrum teams are guided by the scrum values of;

  • Courage
  • Focus
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Openness

Scrum is not driven by rules. It is driven by these values. Like every other value driven system, scrum is easy to understand and at the same time it is not that easy to practice unless the entire team vale these values.

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