Even the birds will come and pose for you…

While discussing many aspects of photography, the photographer is not discussed much. I mean, the ‘outlook / state of mind’ required by a good photographer is ignored. Can a disturbed soul visualize beauty and emotion?. This is the question daunting me for sometime now. The camera and other accessories do matter, if the photographer is able to visualize beauty and emotion before he presses on the trigger. Based on my experience, a compassionate heart is a must for photographers, so that they can ‘SEE’ things first, before clicking the trigger. Everyone, including the the birds like compassionate souls. Sometimes the sun comes out of the clouds just for you. While focusing on the flower, a bird comes from nowhere and poses for you….. Conversation happens with birds, people, animals, nature…. even without uttering a word. My interest in photography make me a better person click by click…trying to connect and see the best in everything and the perfect timing . I am grateful to the creator of heaven and earth for that….and for instilling in me a tender heart which is able to enjoy the beauty around….

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