7 pointers to become very effective in smaller organizations without frustration

  1. If you assume that everything in a large organization is better than a smaller organization, that assumption must we re-phrased. In an era where larger organizations wants to be as agile as smaller organizations, one must realize that both have their own strengths.
  2. In a larger organization, lot of work gets done just by sending emails, where as in smaller organizations apart from sending emails, constant follow up is a must.
  3. In smaller organizations, many things get done based on the rapport you have created with others. This is a fact of startups. There will be power centers which cannot be read from the organizational charts. The ability to identify these power centers and leveraging them is essential for success.
  4. In larger organizations, we have the luxury of formal recurring top-down reviews which is a blessing in disguise, because lot of bottlenecks gets eliminated as a result of these reviews. In smaller organizations, these need to be initiated bottom up. Yes, I am talking about screaming aloud ‘Let us have a formal review of my work periodically’. Open, and straightforward communication with your boss, team and other key stakeholders will help you to resolve many of the problems.
  5. Since everyone is multi tasking (wearing multiple hats) most of the time, no one has the time and focus to think about the ‘not urgent / important’ work in a smaller organization. This is a good opportunity to value add, for someone who has the ‘corporate’ experience and vision.
  6. Many of the things which are a given in a large corporate may not be that relevant for a smaller company. For example – Corporate standard for documentation. Instead of getting upset, be emotionally intelligent. Think through other’s perspective and the relevance to business. Another aspect to be considered is the skill set of the people available to you. One may not find the same kind of expertise that is available in a large corporate in a smaller organization. Before committing anything, be aware of this. Initially you may have to spend lot of time to groom the team members before you start getting the desired results. So, learn to set your own expectations at the appropriate level.
  7. Ability to do the ‘root cause analysis’ and take corrective and preventive actions quickly and continuously is important. Even though every change invites pain, I learn it all mindset over I know it all mindset prevails in the longer run.

Exercise, meditate, eat, relax well. Never loose optimism and fall into pessimistic loop. Hang around with positive people as much as you can. Be positive. Your greatest value will be to help the organization reach greater heights, and that is a long drawn out nudging process which calls for patience and perseverance. Remember..Everybody wants you to be successful, that is why you are hired…Just do it!.


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