Agile cheating stories….see how the founder’s comment about scrum got blocked on amazon

I got this message from Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of scrum, on how the real scrum got abused by extending the sixteen page scrum guide, written by him and Jeff Sutherland to three hundred plus pages, by a group and published on amazon. Shocking, yet interesting case on professional ethics or lack of it.

Here is the message.

A group called ScrumStudy has published a book, Scrum Body of Knowledge, also calling it a Scrum Guide. It is posted on Amazon. When it was first pointed out to me, all of the reviews were five star. I bought a copy to see what was so great. First, it had extended the Scrum Guide where Jeff and I define Scrum from 17 pages to the 340 in the book. Second, it simply threw together every known practice about agile around Scrum and created a methodology which (their words) is appropriate for any project of any size in any industry. Whew. Worse, the book was written by thirty or so people, none of whom are active in the Scrum or agile community.

I went in to look at the reviews, unsure how other people in the Scrum community could view this as useful, particularly with such glowing comments. I found that all of the people were from the same country where ScrumStudy is located (India) and that most had never reviewed anything on Amazon before. Amazon reviews were being gamed.

I emailed some friends and we entered what we thought of the book. The lead author of Scrum BOK, Tridibesh Satpathy did the following:

1. Objected to my review (see below for the review and his objection) and had it removed.

2. Had his friends write more positive reviews.

If anyone here knows amazon and can help, please do so. This is an absolute corruption of Scrum principles and values, and is an abuse of amazon. Also, if you want to flood the book with negative reviews, I won’t object.



My Review:

Tridibesh Satpathy, whom I have never met or communicated with (nor any of his co-authors or reviewers), removes the heart, soul and values of Scrum with this book. Singlehandedly, he attempts to turn Scrum into a formulaic methodology that can be used without thought or empiricism. The Scrum Guide that defines Scrum ( is 17 pages long. Tridibesh et al have added every known practice, technique, and defined gated process to it to create a 300+ page monument to the failures of predictive methodologies.

You can pick up this book, apply it, take the certifications, and feel comfortable that everything is in place. It isn’t. Tridibesh et al have never seen your organization, your projects, your context, or your goals. How can they possibly believe that they can formulate a solution for you?

I might have once believed that arrogance prompted this effort, particularly since none of the authors or editors are known in the agile community. However, experience has taught me that this is purely driven by a need for money. Studied from all angles, the is a money making scheme that should be avoided by those who understand the basis of agility, empiricism, and lean thinking.

As the first step in lean thinking, to identify and eliminate waste, throw out this book and avoid its authors.

Ken Schwaber
co-developer of Scrum, signatory to the Agile Manifesto, founder of the Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, and

Scrum on!

How Tridibest got it removed:

Scrumstudy support says:

This review is completely inaccurate and unethical, and should be removed by Amazon for the following reasons: 
1) This review is inappropriate because he works for competition ( He wants to promote books from people in his organization (i.e. and to discredit the books written by Scrumstudy. So this should not be allowed by Amazon as per “Promotion of illegal or immoral conduct” – Objectionable Material.
2) He has not read the book (this is not an Amazon Verified Purchase); hence how can he comment that the book is not relevant and call it a `sham’?
3)This person is only interested in selling books from his organization and from authors who work for his organization (and does not provide any specific reason why SBOK is not good except that the book discusses concepts which he is not familiar with). Here this person is a direct competitor with SCRUMstudy and is posting negative reviews about SCRUMstudy for his personal financial benefits. So, it contains inappropriate content. 
4) is a very reputed organization for teaching Scrum globally. The Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK) was written by 18 authors who are expert Scrum Practitioners and is being widely appreciated in the industry. The SBOK was reviewed by 25 experts and draws from the combined knowledge and insight gained from thousands of projects across a variety of organizations and industries. This whole review seems to discredit SCRUMstudy and the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK) for the benefit a competitor (Scrum Alliance) for financial benefits. 
5) We will request interested students to do a free introductory course about Scrum from (which includes the first chapter of SBOK, instructional videos and a simple real-life Scrum case study) and judge for yourself about the quality of the courses offered by SCRUMstudy (instead of reading through negative reviews from vested interests and competitors). The first chapter of the SBOK is available for you to view in or in Amazon.

Scrum on!

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13 Replies to “Agile cheating stories….see how the founder’s comment about scrum got blocked on amazon”

  1. Dear Sir,

    My wife just took a course and a certification test through this bogus organization. What should she do next? Is the content legitimate enough for her to take a recognized exam? She is quite frustrated over paying so much money and spending so much time on something that may have no value. Thanks for any help, please advise.


    1. Hi Ed,

      Your wife may not be able to retrieve her money. Though she should perhaps contact others who advised her to take the course and tell them of the issue.


  2. Ed,

    I m sorry that you had to undergo this traumatic and frustrating experience and losing money. Please write a complaint to PMI REP. PMI takes the ethics very seriously. VMEdu, the parent organization of Scrumstudy is PMI REP. If more and more people write to PMI we can have them revoke REP status. Also please spread the word across through twitter, LinkedIn etc. When the word spreads they cannot scam the people. Sorry again, I am not sure you’ll get your money back, but at least you can tell others to be careful.


    1. Indeed! To become a Certified Scrum Trainer is all about schmoozing at Scrum Gatherings. ICAgile’s Expert Certifications are about actual ability not politics.


  3. When I blogged this one, Certified Scrum Master (CSM) had some value, and now I realize that the quality of the CSMs are very poor, because the certification process is very easy. In the meanwhile Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification by have grown in stature because it is coming from the founders of Scrum Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. Again certifications are only an indication of your knowledge about the scrum process, and it is not about one’s ability.


  4. What about Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile, Do they add much value for the money they are charging for their courses. I have come across many dumb certificate holders, who does not know the basic topics for which they got certified. It is high time to check this. I love the stock scrum as defined by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland as defined in the Scrum guide. The best of my learning happened through experimentation and by listening to the experiences of other hands on practitioners (Youtube videos). Sorry, I did not check their certifications 🙂


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