BJP or Congress, Bangalore is the same..

I landed at Bangalore today morning, to the chillness of the cool breeze, which was always the speciality of Bangalore. This is my first visit to Bangalore after BJP was thrown out of power for their poor administration of the state, and the congress has taken over now. For an ordinary citizen like me does it make any difference. When I alighted from the bus, there was no single auto driver who was willing to take to my destination on the meter charge. When I insisted, they started making fun of me. The garbage which started piling up during the BJP era in the state, have become filthier. The auto drivers were gambling public ally on the streets. There was no inch left for me to walk on the foot path, without stepping on their saliva spit all over the foot path, proving the inefficiency of the Gutka ban. I am fed up. The ordinary citizen is drowning amidst the corrupt. Where is the solution?. Yes, solution cannot be based on ahimsa. If I spell out more, I can be arrested. That is the level of freedom of speech. What difference it makes between BJP and Congress. What can they do for the good of the common man?. So, before casting your next vote, think properly, and cast your vote, not based on political parties, but on the merit of the contestant. Jai hind.


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