How can I complain about my lumix fz200?


Comparing the focusing capability of my Canon 550D with Lumix fz200

Here are two photographs of the apple keyboard (which I am using to enter this post now). The first one is captured with the lumix fz200 in the creative mode, and the second one using my good old canon 550D with the 50mm prime lens. For both, the aperture setting was around 3. I always felt that the focusing capability of the lumix fz200 is much more superior to Canon.

The first one below is the lumix fz200 photo, followed by Canon 550D capture



Day2 with my lumix fz200

Today I could click some flowers and the blue sky. I love the auto focus macro mode on this camera, which provides some very clean focus. This camera provides only 12 megapixels images, which produces some noise while cropping. I tried some blue sky photography, which is slightly disappointing. There my canon with circular polarising filter performs better. Lumix fz200 is brilliant in low light photography so far. Let me wait and explore some more settings / features before concluding anything. Will publish the blue sky photos later. Here is the flower photo.


When we take time to look at any flower closely, the internals are mesmerising. The color scheme is fabulous. All praise and glory to the creator..

Day1 with my lumix fz200

To be honest, one of the key problems I had with my canon 550d was the inability to focus sharp while not using a tripod. I tried to improve my posture and technique during the past one year and failed. After capturing some photographs with the new lumix fz200, which I gifted to myself on my birthday, I think this problem is very much solved with lumix and its Leica lens and image stabilisation. Here are some of my photographs in manual mode. Started liking this piece of equipment.




These are some close up photographs on a rainy day, without any editing, except some cropping.

When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first. Ernest Hemingway