The beauty of power cuts…

Even though we call our state ‘gods own country’, sometimes It seemed to me like ‘dogs own country’, especially when I was made to sit through hours of power cuts, after paying my taxes on time. Thanks to all those who cast their votes to our power minister, who does not know anything about power, except throwing tantrums. I doubt whether he knows anything about ohm’s law, yet he is the power minister. That is real ‘dogs own country’. Like Steve jobs, everything is connected. When people get hyper gadget active, power consumption increases. Somewhere I read that the number of transformers in a house determines the quality of life of the citizens of a country. Yes, I agree to the fact that our quality of life is inversely proportional to the number of transformers at our homes. It is an indicator of our detachment from nature. Coming back to Steve jobs connecting the dots, when we are far away from nature, by glueing ourselves to idiot boxes and confine ourselves to the boundaries of our home, power cuts happens. It is the natural way to a balanced life. Yesterday, my opinion about power cuts changed. It is not at all a very negative thing. When you are suddenly engulfed by darkness, that forces you to meditate. It gives you an opportunity to pause from the busy world. It helps you to sit for a while, doing nothing. Thanks to the inactive minister, who keeps giving us the opportunity to meditate several times, during the day. Everything is for good. I started enjoying power cuts. Here is the beauty of yesterday’s power cut captured.




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