Dissatisfaction as a driver…..

My biggest ever fear of my professional life is, satisfaction acting as a dis-abler. Rather than that I prefer dissatisfaction acting as an enabler. During my training/consulting assignments, i got the opportunity to work closely with lot of young project management aspirants and a vast majority of them were not happy with what they were doing. I see at as a very positive sign, than people who are content with jobs which are par below their hidden potential. Dissatisfaction to the statuesque can be easily channelized into a constructive force. They already have the fire in their belly, where as in a person who achieved his goals because the goals were far below the potential of the individual is living in a fools paradise. It is very difficult to light a fire in their belly again, because it is already dozed off. I love the back benchers in a class, because very often they are the dissatisfied bunch, who are quite bored with the proceedings in the class. If their energy can be channelized will fully, that can move a mountain. I am sure of it. Everything is possible, if you decide. This is not theory. This is about me. I myself is proof to it. Everything is possible, if you and God decide together. First you must decide, and if it is for a right cause, the divine providence will support you. Committing to the right cause and to the creator who created you for that specific cause is key to success. You are not what others think of you, but you are what you are thinking of yourself, when you stand in front of the creator.

So, if you are dissatisfied with the current status of your being, that is really good. Get frustrated about it. You are not meant to be there, that is why you are dissatisfied. That is great beginning. Take a sheet of paper, and write down what you want to be, and why do you think that you can be that and email to me. I will be really interested to know your story. What is my qualification?. I have become what I wanted to be (which I wrote down on a sheet of paper, several years ago.

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