Gandhis who are not the Mahathma…

Mahathma, means super soul or dignified soul. Our dear Gandhi, the biggest and the greatest servant leader the world has ever seen, and whose non violent movement paved the way for India’s freedom from the British, yet shot down to death by someone, is the real Mahathma Gandhi, we all know. Slowly the Gandhi name was attached to the Nehru family with the marriage of Indira, Nehru’s one and only daughter with Firoz Gandhi, who did not have anything to do with the real Gandhi family. So Indira became Indira Gandhi. When the real Gandhi’s family kept themselves out of politics, the Nehru family was active in politics. Indira Gandhi became the prime minister of India and had two sons in the marriage with Firoz Gandhi, Sanjay and Rajiv. Then Firoz Gandhi died. Indira Gandhi ruled this country for a very long time, and the Nehru family got rechristened as the Gandhi family in the minds of every Indian. Everyone happily forgot the Nehru’s name, and the name Gandhi became ingrained in the post Nehru era, along with the real Nehru family. So the Nehru’s got the Gandhi branding as well. Sanjay Gandhi died in a plane accident, so Rajiv Gandhi became the prime minister of India. Rajiv Gandhi fell in love with an Italian lady, Sonia, when he was in college. When they got married, Sonia became Sonia Gandhi. When Rajiv got assassinated, Sonia Gandhi became the congress general secretary, and one of the most powerful in the congress party.  They had a son named Rahul Gandhi. In India, generally we give the grand father’s name to the grand son. If that was the case, there was every possibility for a Nehru Gandhi or Nehru Firoz.  The grandsons of Nehru had the names Gandhi attached to their names. The grandson of Firoz also had the name Gandhi attached to his name. So, the Gandhi saga continues..We call the Nehru’s the Gandhi’s. Sorry Mahathma. Sorry Nehru.

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