Transparency under userid and password

The three pillars of agile are transparency, inspection and adaptability. What happens to transparency and inspection when the manual tracking board is replaced by software tools?. That’s when transparency and inspection comes under userid and password. All the teams I am coaching on scrum, within India work on outsourced projects where the product owners and other key stakeholders sit in some other continent. A tool usage is inevitable in this case. Should it be at the cost of the physical tracking board at the team’s location?, that is the question. The tracking board provide lot of advantages like;

– increased peer pressure to contribute
– improved team work
– real time view of the project to the team
– pressure to complete

In order to reap better benefits from scrum my recommendation is to maintain the physical tracking board for the team to function, and then someone can transfer the data to a tool to satisfy the communication needs of other stakeholders. In an outsourced environment where everything is driven by the client, this point also must be insisted by the client for better value for money through improved productivity.

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