Time for a facebook break???

facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook…..liberate me from facebook….else my life will be wasted in facebook,…I deleted my account once, and I came back later because it is very pleasant to spend hours and days;

  • seeing how other’s painted / printed  lives are
  • seeing how many liked my posts, that gives some kind of a kick
  • worrying about why nobody liked my posts, linking it to my insignificance …

When I look at the opportunity cost of these, I realize the futility of it.. I am escaping from the most important things in my life, by burying myself in facebook. This become chronic for me because I am working from home and there are no internet policies governing my work style. I definitely need help, and I think only I can help myself….you can also help me either by posting useful stuff in facebook which is hard to digest..or by just not posting anything on facebook. One benefit I got from facebook is free advertising for my company’s page http://www.facebook.com/pmriworld

Please visit pmriworld on facebook and like it…..that will be some compensation for my wasted time on facebook.

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