Bye for now bahrain


Light painter at Bahrain





You must appreciate me for my struggles against a very cold wind on top of a twenty four floors building, and a battery which was running out and using an inappropriate prime lens which is not meant for wide angle photography. Moments when I longed for my tokina wide angle lens which i left at home.

Dissatisfaction as a driver…..

My biggest ever fear of my professional life is, satisfaction acting as a dis-abler. Rather than that I prefer dissatisfaction acting as an enabler. During my training/consulting assignments, i got the opportunity to work closely with lot of young project management aspirants and a vast majority of them were not happy with what they were doing. I see at as a very positive sign, than people who are content with jobs which are par below their hidden potential. Dissatisfaction to the statuesque can be easily channelized into a constructive force. They already have the fire in their belly, where as in a person who achieved his goals because the goals were far below the potential of the individual is living in a fools paradise. It is very difficult to light a fire in their belly again, because it is already dozed off. I love the back benchers in a class, because very often they are the dissatisfied bunch, who are quite bored with the proceedings in the class. If their energy can be channelized will fully, that can move a mountain. I am sure of it. Everything is possible, if you decide. This is not theory. This is about me. I myself is proof to it. Everything is possible, if you and God decide together. First you must decide, and if it is for a right cause, the divine providence will support you. Committing to the right cause and to the creator who created you for that specific cause is key to success. You are not what others think of you, but you are what you are thinking of yourself, when you stand in front of the creator.

So, if you are dissatisfied with the current status of your being, that is really good. Get frustrated about it. You are not meant to be there, that is why you are dissatisfied. That is great beginning. Take a sheet of paper, and write down what you want to be, and why do you think that you can be that and email to me. I will be really interested to know your story. What is my qualification?. I have become what I wanted to be (which I wrote down on a sheet of paper, several years ago.

Have a kingfisher at India, a tiger at Singapore and a lion at srilanka

Do not panic, I have not gone insane. These are just beer brands associated with these countries. In India the most consumed brand is kingfisher beer. In Singapore it is tiger beer. My recent stop over at srilanka introduced me to the lion beer which is the most popular there. Beer brands and countries are bonded well. What could be the reason?. It is definitely the early entrant’s advantage. These were the early entrants into these countries before globalisation and now the global brands have taken a pie out of their market share, but these brands are there to exist and known alongside country names. That is my speculation. Lets wait and see.

Thanks to srilankan airlines and the tourist friendly srilankan authorities for granting me visa for a short six hours stop over in that country, which allowed me to gulp down a a mug of lion beer. I have posted a srilankan stopover post at my travel blog


Ways of the cross..

Many used the cross to explain many things. The cross always creates quadrants. In other words it cuts the medium on which it is drawn into four squares. Stephen covey in his seven habits of highly effective people uses it to explain time management. He divides our activities into quadrants like urgent and not important, urgent and important, not urgent and not important, not urgent and important, in order to drive the point that it is the not urgent and important stuff in our lives produces the maximum benefits.

The Boston consulting groups quadrants of the product life cycle; question mark, star, cash cow and dog explains the product life cycle very effectively. This can explain the stages of human life as well. When a child is born, she is the question mark. Everyone is anxious of her future. When the child starts performing well at school, a star is born. Once employed, all of us become cash cow, followed by end of life, which is the dog state. When in dog stage, we take care of the house, when all others go out. The book crossing the chasm, uses the cross to explain product launch strategies. If my memory is right, either Kotler or Drucker used the cross to explain marketing strategies like known product to known market, known product to new market, new product to known market, new product to new markets. Then I saw Robert Kayasaki using the four quadrants to explain the ESBI concept. He says that all of us are either employees, self employed, business men or investors, or we are all of these. He states that if eighty percent of our income is coming from employment and self employment, and if only twenty percent is coming from business and investment, then we will remain as poor, and when we reverse the equation, we get richer.

I use the cross or the four quadrants to explain career planning. The skill set which make you and me employable is the cash cow. Before the cash cow become a dog or end of life, we must groom newer skill sets through the question mark and the star categories to the cash cow quadrant. This calls for lot of proactive planning and commitment from our side.

The last but not the least is the cross as demonstrated by Jesus Christ, which is explaining love thy neighbor as the sole strategy to be successful. I am fascinated by the magical power of it, and  still an apprentice in my understanding of the tremendous possibilities and the hidden power of it. When I feel that I have understood it to a level where I can explain it without diluting it, I will attempt to write about it. Wish me good luck. Have a wonderful day.

Who is the one hundredth subscriber?

My photography blog  colorbridge has 99 subscribers at this moment, and I am eager to know the 100th subscriber. That is a great milestone for me. Around one hundred people from across the world seeing some value in my blog entries and photographs (which do not have anything to do with my profession as a coach and consultant of agile project management), is really thrilling. Thank you all, who supported me till now, and hope to enjoy your support in the future as well.  As a beginner in photography, an exclusive blog of my photographs helped me to learn a lot from other bloggers experiences and insights about blogging, photography, life and life styles. One of the biggest learning was unity in diversity. People from different countries, while they look different, they are all alike as well. This was one of the great lessons. In fact, I got the inspiration to choose the layout of my blog, from another blog. Initially I started with color rich photographs, then I learned that people love simple, subtle photographs, which have a soothing effect on their souls (disturbing photographs the majority do not like). People see photographs to relax, so do not burden them. Every good photograph is an obligation because the next one must be better than the previous. So, is the reality. When I see a photograph today, which I captured months back..that sometimes make me regret about publishing them. Any way, at that time, that was my best, and I improved over a period of time after several youtube videos on photography and experimentation with mt Canon 550D and Nikon Coolpix S6200. After spending money for the DSLR, and some lenses, my credit card balance shot up, and I thought that I am the biggest spend thrift, till I came across crazier people in my hometown itself, who have spent much much more than what I spent on photography, without any financial returns from it yet. Most of my photographs are published along with an appropriate quote, and these quotes sometime have great positive impact on me myself.  For me photography is quite relaxing, and I do not think that I will be stopping it voluntarily at some point in time. I will continue till my health and financial position permits, that is for sure. Photography has a connection with Thursdays as well. If you publish a photograph on a Thursday, you get maximum likes. I learned it from another blogger from my own town. Do not ask me for reasons, honestly I do not know….but it works….Here is the photograph I just published at colorbridge, which pushed up the subscribers to 99…captured at the backyard of our ancestral home. This tree was planted by my father…bringing back the old memories of  my father and  mother…..

My sincere thanks to wordpress team, for providing this platform to blog and network.