Agile airports

Back to work after the Christmas holidays. I am on my way to Mumbai to coach a team engineers in agile project management using scrum, and agile estimation. This is the first time I am delivering agile estimation as a separate course. So far it was done as part of the agile project management course. I am deviating from the main topic. Whenever I write something, my mind hops across topics, sometimes related and very often totally unrelated. I do not know whether everyone thinks like this, or is it something unique about me?. That does not matter. This is how things work for me.

This time I drove down to the kochi airport myself, and parked my car at the paid parking area for rupees 150 per day. When I come back after three days that would be 450, still I save more than 1000 on taxi charges. After parking my car, I rushed to the entry of the airport, to be stopped by the security. The reason, they do not accept the digital version of the ticket, which is displayed on my tablet. They want it in the printed form. I rushed to the business centre, and there was heavy rush there. So I got it printed at the indigo counter at rupees fifty. I was not angry because spice jet charges one hundred.

In an era where we are preaching of environment protection, this process is ridiculously environment unfriendly. When will we get it corrected?. Even the Indian railways accept the digital form of tickets. Why cannot our central security forces amend their obsolete rules?. May be they need a course on agility to think differently. After all agility comes by eliminating the non value adding steps we perform. Allowing the passengers to show the digital formats of the tickets world over will make travel more agile.

Flight is landing at Mumbai. So I am signing off for the time being. Thanks to the wordpress application on my iPad, which allows me to save my post as a draft.




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