Reception a reflector?????????

As part of my training and consulting assignments, I had the privilege of visiting numerous offices of several companies of different nature. When I enter an organisation I start getting the smell of the organisational culture. Most of the start ups have unmanned receptions. That talks about the startup spirit of openness, adhoc systems, team work and self organisation. I am blogging this from an American multinationals office in Bangalore, and I am really pleased by the attitude of those guys at the reception. They were very friendly, yet firm. They even filled up my data in their register for me. All I had to do was just signing. This is very different from many other organisations, where they ask you to fill up the same data in various registers. So, I anticipate an interesting crowd to turn up for today’s training. If I am wrong, I will definitely let you know. In another organisation, the reception was very arrogant. They were treating me as if an intruder, and the crowd who participated the training was a reflection of it. Today however I had a great start, and going by historical data, today and tomorrow I will in the company of interesting professionals.



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