Be the change you want to see in this world…

Do I really know my neighbor?. The answer is a pathetic ‘No’. I very often know the people far away, better than the neighbor. Thanks to the social media. Sometimes, my brain is faked to believe that I am in the company of lot of people, where as in reality, there are only a very few. Even if I want to know my neighbor first, Do they really want to be known?, that is another question to be answered. Even within the common lift of our apartments, I shrink into my own world, without even saying ‘Hello’ to the next person. They are also like that, except Dr.Chandy. Whenever I meet him inside the lift, he greets with a cheerful face, and that is a very consistent behavior of his. Someone told me that he is very spiritual. Is that the differentiator?. Love one another cannot happen if one does not have that blessed feeling deep within. Is establishing a deep personal relationship with God, the beginning of knowing my neighbor or is it in the reverse order. Unfortunately I have only questions without any answers. I want to begin the change now. Thanks to Mahatma Gandi, for the famous quote of his “Be the change you want to see in the world”. He thought about it very early, that is why he is Mahatma (super soul).

2 Replies to “Be the change you want to see in this world…”

  1. Hi Aby, many times it is our ego inside us that prevents us from saying hello to even our neighbors or people in our own apartment complex 🙂 And a little bit of spirituality inside of us makes us realize how insignificant we are in the realm of things and thus kills our ego and opens our minds. So you are right, a touch of spirituality is good to open ourselves up a bit.


    1. Thank you Venkat for reading and commenting my blog entry. Yes, a touch of god, ignites the the goodness in us. Hope you are all set for the big christmas / new year party.


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