The possibilities of 2013

2013 is welcoming me to lot of possibilities. The first of it is, if everything goes well, we will be moving to our new independent house at Varapuzha, which is a small town on the suburbs of Kochi. That means, we will be bidding bye to the apartment at coral crest, Kochi, which was our home for almost two years now. While we will be missing out the luxuries of the urban life, the semi urban life will help us to enjoy the best of both worlds. More than urban Vs rural, it has more to do with apartment Vs independent house. More opportunities to be closer to nature is something fascinates me. There is always room for a small garden, and some pets in the new home. That means I will have more to focus my lenses at. That is going to be a whole lot of possibilities…..If God is with us, everything is possible…


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