The emperor do not have clothes….

That is my reaction after trying out the new iphone. That made me think about the difference a great engineer like steve jobs can make to a product. How can someone design something as uninspiring as this. It sells..that could be the answer. The emperor do not have clothes…still …hehehe…

4 Replies to “The emperor do not have clothes….”

  1. Iam using a samsung note2 and sony xperia. When held next to samsung note the iphones shape looks really ugly. It lacks proportion. On top of it iphone costs 8 thousand rupees more. I do not want to pay that kind of a premium for a product which is not that inspiring. I tried windows lumia. Good. Unfortunately it does not have instagram which I use extensively. Iam waiting for lumia 920 to have a go at it. Whatever said and done no mobile camera can match pureview tech. When I use phones with multiple operating systems that confuses me. So..for the time being it is all android phones for me because I rely on google products to run my small business. Always I am tempted to nokias pureview. W8 on a tablet is quite inspiring and not so on a smartphne. Iphone is ruled out because of the ugly looking product and premium pricing. These are my views.


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