A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. Grace Hopper



Gearing up for winter….



Retrospectives of a scrum coach after a demanding scrum workshop..

Every scrum workshop of mine starts with definition of the acceptance criteria, as me explaining scrum in detail  to the audience, as defined in the scrum guide. I make it clear without ambiguity that selling scrum to the audience is not my responsibility. Still I end up vouching for scrum during my scrum workshops.

Why?. I consider scrum as the way to make the individuals and teams associated, to enjoy their work better. That is a tremendous value proposition. Inorder to appreciate that one must calculate the opportunity cost of having a motivated versus a demotivated team. Transforming workplaces into environments where engineers can really enjoy their work and deliver superb products which customers will appreciate and buy is sacred business to me. From every batch if one person starts resonating with the postive vibes of servant leadership and self organizing teams..my efforts have meaning. Now I have enough examples to highlight these transformations which boosts my conviction of scrum. This is the golden opportunity to unleash the creative potential of the individual and team. If you are not scrumming..you and your team is a looser. Think of a society of loosers and that of winners…that is the opportunity cost. I am never and ever will get tired in the company of agile teams. Good luck friends. Go and impact the world in a positive way…god bless you.

The emperor do not have clothes….

That is my reaction after trying out the new iphone. That made me think about the difference a great engineer like steve jobs can make to a product. How can someone design something as uninspiring as this. It sells..that could be the answer. The emperor do not have clothes…still …hehehe…